IAAPA International Attraction Expo 2018: Part 2 of our IAAPA 2018 recap

IAAPA International Attraction Expo 2018: Part 2 of our IAAPA 2018 recap

During IAAPA International Attraction Expo 2018, we published an article about Brogent Technologies partnering with Legoland Florida to unveil The Lego Movie Masters of Flight.  You can find this article here: https://parkvault.net/2018/11/14/the-lego-movie-world-at-legoland-florida-iaapa-2018/

In addition to Brogent Technologies incredible new M-Ride, we saw many new and exciting products on the showfloor and will share some of those in this Serie of articles.


Triotech once again partnered with Ubisoft to unveil an exciting new product at IAAPA International Attraction Expo 2018 (IAE18).  The Rabbids are an incredible intellectual property that had seen unique mash-ups in the past, such as when Ubisoft partnered with Nintendo to create Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for the popular Nintendo Switch.

Triotech is now bringing the Rabbids to amusement facilities worldwide with the high capacity Rabbids Team Battle.  Competition is the name of the game as players are divided among two teams and the goal here is to support your giant robot as he battles another one in a match to the finish.  The unit on display at IAAPA was quite impressive, and the full-sized installation will be even more as they will feature wraparound screens that will fill the guest’s field of vision.  The chaos is accentuated with the motion seats that guests sit on.  Featuring D-BOX technology, those seats are becoming a staple of movie theaters and Triotech installations around the world.

In the course of the game, guests will shoot at various targets, and after each round, scores are given.  One hardware innovation is with the blaster; it features a small screen providing feedback to its participant and allowing him or her to adjust for better performance.   4-D effects will also make it stand-out.

Extreme Engineering:

Extreme Engineering spoke about the new Cloud Coaster installation coming to Mega Parc in Quebec City, Quebec.  The new cart feature high-tech safety innovative features that take it beyond what you would expect from a zip line.  Locking lap bar, automatic braking, and a very comfortable seating design make this one of the best product when a park is looking for a budget-conscious high-profile attraction.  Telegraphe (Telegraph) is currently scheduled to open in January 2019 alongside the new Mega Parc.

extreme engineering cloud coaster cart

Cloud Coaster cart.

They also announced that the next Cloud Coaster is coming to a park in Asia, and will be even more significant than the Mega Parc roller coaster.   Twelve new attractions will allow Extreme Engineering to offer full adventure parks with an appeal to Millennials.

Dynamic Attractions:

Dynamic Attractions unveiled their latest innovation at IAE18.  What if you had a ride system capable of powerful acceleration while at the same time, you could have 4 DOF (degree of freedom) on the car?  Add to that constant speed that is fully controllable and infinitely customizable ride vehicles.

Dynamic Attractions invented it, and it’s called the Dual Power Coaster.  It features an onboard system to power it around the track, and when required, a second launch system is used to give it fantastic acceleration.  A dark ride system capable of some of those things already exists, and Dynamic Attractions is taking it to the next level.  Also, using hidden roller coaster track to secure the vehicle, previously impossible maneuver like a track jump and cartoon-like “driving beyond the edge of the cliff” maneuvers will be possible, adding another tool to ride designers around the world.

dynamic attractions dual power coaster

A video was shown showing the infinite potential of the Dual Power Coaster.

dynamic attractions carousel horse donation to iaapa

In addition to unveiling the Dual Power Coaster, Dynamic Attractions and Chances Rides also announced a new partnership.  Both companies donated at the show this beautiful Carousel Horse to IAAPA and it will go inside the new Orlando headquarters.


S&S/Sansei had quite a full show as they showed off two new products and provided confirmation on a third one.

First, the front car for the new Steel Curtain roller coaster coming to Kennywood amusement park was unveiled.  Kennywood is located outside of Pittsburgh, PA and Steel Curtain represents their first new roller coaster installation in 9 years.  It replaces the beloved Log Jammer log flume and will be the anchor to a new themed land, Steelers Country.  The Pittsburgh Steelers, a National Football League team, are the focal point of the new Steelers Country and Steel Curtain is a throwback to the nickname of the legendary defensive line that won the team four Super Bowl championships in the 1970s.

Appropriately, Steel Curtain trains are themed to the team and general Football elements, like a seat shaped like a Football.  Lap bar restraints will secure riders as they go upside down a record-breaking nine times (the most inversions on any roller coaster in North America) and feature the highest inversion in the world: a corkscrew 197 feet that also serve as a drop, paying homage to the legendary Drachen Fire roller coaster that used to thrill riders at Busch Gardens Williamsburg (Williamsburg, VA).

s s sansei steel curtain train

Steel Curtain train, shown at S&S Sansei booth.

The second unveiling came from the parent company of S&S-Sansei, Sansei Technologies.  J-Deite Ride is very similar to the Anime and Manga robot characters that fill Japanese media.  For the first time, a transforming robot ride is coming, and a demonstration shown on the show floor.

Imagine an exotic looking sports car that is colored blue, and that looks like it came out of your TV screen.  Before your eyes, it transforms into a bipedal robot with moving arms that can walk around.  The possibilities are exciting as many IP’s could be used.

Last, S&S-Sansei had a banner that talked about their various projects coming in 2019.  Among them was a Hybrid Coaster for Nagashima Spa Land.  Hakugei is the replacement for the 1994 White Cyclone wooden roller coaster; using Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) award-winning Ibox track and trains, S&S-Sansei is responsible for this project as Japanese regulation are particular and usually ask for a local company to represent the foreign manufacturer.

s s sansei new ride openings

Banner showing new S&S-Sansei rides opening in 2019.


Polin had another successful year and at the IAE18, unveiled a new water slide, new water slide innovation and continued their push toward integrating interactivity and games inside water parks.

The Stardust water slide features a tight spiraling layout where a large raft spiral around tight corners before entering the new signature element.  The highly engineered shape of this new funnel provides many movements to riders before exiting.  The shape of the funnel lends itself to theme and story, one of the core strength of Polin water slides.

polin stardust hologram

Polin Stardust holographic model.

Transparent water slides have existed for a long time, but they were challenging to manufacture, install, and sometimes did not fill out their promises.  Polin invented a new type of material that solves the manufacturing and installation challenges and will make the Glassy Waterslide the perfect solution for clients to have translucent water slides on their attractions.  Cruise ships are also a great market for this as the visuals of sliding above the ocean are an incredible experience both for riders and onlookers.

polin glassy waterslides

Glassy Waterslide section

Polin is now an integrated company offering many things beyond waterslides and interactive games.  Aquarium, dry park attractions and park installation and commissioning are just some of the things that the Polin Group can do.


Luboo is an Australian company that is looking to offer a service that will be a relief to parents around the world.  What if you were able to give your children a wristband that would pinpoint his exact location if they happen to get lost?  As parks get bigger and more crowded, this service uses a high-tech solution to solve an age-old problem that every facility and attraction face.

lubbo gabby stein

Gabby Stein, founder, and CEO of Luboo, holding a prototype unit.