Champagne in Space: Part 4 of our Bowl serie.

Champagne in Space: Part 4 of our Bowl serie.

WhiteWater West Industries Ltd.

WhiteWater introduced in 1999 the SpaceBowl, a slide that was integrated in a RainFortress installation at Lake Lanier Water Park in Georgia.  The slide starts on a tower located behind the main structure and then riders slide down through the structure and into the 30 feet wide bowl. After a few revolutions, riders fall down the middle into an 8 feet deep pool.  The Bowl was very well integrated in the middle of the structure and it is a solution that WhiteWater offers to save space and offer a more thrilling option.  The Bowl slide and the RainFortress are perfect compliments to each other as families don’t have to split up.


The Rain Fortress and SpaceBowl at Lake Lanier.


A close-up of the SpaceBowl and how it was designed inside the Rain Fortress structure.

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In 2002, the SuperBowl was the logical successor to the SpaceBowl and also feature the same 30 feet wide Bowl, but the middle has a cone with an opening in it that leads to the exit flume.  The 30 feet Bowl help place it in indoor parks and it was also an ideal candidate for dueling installations, like at Aquatica by SeaWorld Florida (Orlando, FL) and Calypso Water Park (Limoges, ON).  The first installation was at Aquasur in the Canary Islands, Spain.

Tassie's Twister FL (4)

One of the two SuperBowl on Tassie’s Twisters at Aquatica by SeaWorld Florida (Orlandlo, FL).  One unique feature of this pair of slides are that riders are required to enter and ride around the Loggerhead Lane Lazy River to gain access.

Tassie's Twister FL

Both SuperBowl feature different colors.

Tassie's Twister FL (2)

After going around the slide, riders are flushed out back to Loggerhead Lane.

Key Lime Cove

A great indoor installation is KeyLime Cove (Gurnee, IL) Hurricane’s Vortex.  It is 45 feet tall and riders experience a 140 feet long slide before going around the bowl and exiting into the Keylime Creek river.  It is located near Six Flags Great America and the waterpark is part of an hotel.

SuperBowl Yas Waterworld Flex 2

The Serpent Spin enclosed SuperBowl on the left is part of the Slither’s Slides complex at Yas WaterWorld (Abu Dhabi, UAE).

Jordan Fallsview Superbowl 2

In this picture of the Canadian Plunge at the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark in Niagara Falls, ON, you can see the cone and exit flume in the middle of the 30 feet wide Bowl.

Jordan Fallsview SuperBowl

To save space, the Canadian Plunge is higher off the ground and a longer exit flume was included.

SuperBowl - Waterbom Bali (1)

WhiteWater provided us with this great picture of the Superbowl at Waterbom Bali (Kuta, Indonesia). .  You can see on the right the water jets that push the tubes into the exit flume once the boat has slowed down enough.

The ChampagneBowl was a special evolution of the Bowl slide due to a unique challenge:  water slides and waterpark components are quite popular and in demand on Cruise ships… but there is very limited real estate or vertical room available on the decks.  So, WhiteWater came up with the Champagne Bowl which eliminates both the runout flume required on the SuperBowl and the 7-8 feet deep pool under the SpaceBowl.  A spiral staircase was designed to fit inside the Bowl and the customer has the option to have guests either exit at the bottom or go up to a platform above the Bowl.

Having the spiral staircase in the middle has an interesting side effect since the water level inside the Bowl is kept quite low and does not move as much as other bowls.  That in effect means that the Champagne Bowl has a low 40 or 42 inches height restriction and does not require guests to be strong swimmers like traditional bowl slides. How is the water level kept so low?  A traditional flow of water is injected at the top like every other slide and inside the bowl, small water nozzles flow down the side and this keep the bowl sides wet and comfortable.  The slide is designed to allow guests to do a single revolution on average and once the rider has been slowed down, he transitions to a shallow pool of water in the middle.  Once he or she has been smoothly stopped, they then get up and exit the slide with the central staircase.  It is high capacity and this is very important on a cruise ship with thousands of guests and a smaller number of available attractions.

Carnival Cruise Lines Breeze - Champagne Bowl 002

You can see the Drainpipe Champagne Bowl on the left.  This is the prototype installation on the Carnival Dream Cruise Ship.  This picture appears courtesy of .

Carnival Cruise Lines Magic  - Champagne Bowl 42

You can see here the genius exit path of the Drainpipe on the Carnival Magic.  This picture appears courtesy of .



WhiteWater provided us with this great shot of a Champagne Bowl integrated in a Rain Fortress at Hawaiian Falls Roanoke (Texas).  In this case, the exit path of the Hightide Whirlpool spiral up and return riders to the Giant RainFortress, called here the Mega Waterworld.

A recent upgrade to the SuperBowl is the Sawtooth design.  In addition to giving the attraction a better look and helping with theme when needed, it allowed WhiteWater to reduce the number of unique molds required in the fabrication process. This reduced costs and made the slide easier to design, allowing WhiteWater to be more competitive.

The first Sawtooth SuperBowl was installed in early 2014 in a new water park near the Holiday Inn Clearwater Beach S-Harbourside in Indian Rocks Beach, FL.  The new water park was recently named the Splash Harbour and will be accessible to the general public and offer a reduced rate for guests of the nearby Holiday Inn, which is owned by the same owner.  No opening dates for Splash Harbour have been announced as of the time of publishing this article.

Sawtooth SuperBowl WhiteWater

The prototype Sawtooth SuperBowl under construction at Splash Harbour.  Notice the very unique colors and pattern of the Bowl.  This picture appears courtesy of .

Constrictor and Sawtooth SuperBowl - SPAR Waterpark (5)

In 2014, the SPAR Waterpark in Sulphur, LA introduced this custom complex featuring a purple Constrictor tube slide and a Sawtooth SuperBowl.  This picture appears courtesy of .

WhiteWater Zoo Granby

Zoo de Granby (Granby, QC) added a waterpark in 1999 and it is a very unique experience that we will detail in a future experience.   After years of guests demanding more thrilling attractions,  the Zoo de Granby announced in 2015 they will renovate the Cunucunoma Lazy River and finally add a water slide tower to the Amazoo waterpark in 2016.  The name has not been revealed yet, but we were to obtain this great computer simulation what the WhiteWater slide tower will look like.  The green slide is fully enclosed and will be a 435 feet long Inner-Tube slide.  The multi-color Inner-Tube slide starts fully enclosed and will transition to an open-air experience after the top helix;  It is 410 feet long.  Finally, the blue slide is a 260 feet long Sawtooth SuperBowl and will be the headliner of this expansion.  In total, all 3 slides will launch from a 46 feet tall tower.

To conclude our article, WhiteWater has designed a SuperBowl compatible with the 4 to 6 passenger circular raft and so far, no park have ordered it.  Given how popular waterparks are getting, the extraordinary capacity of such a slide will probably interest a park very soon since it can be compact and still give the park a much needed 860 guests per hour attraction.