IAAPA International Attraction Expo 2017: Part 3 of our recap

IAAPA International Attraction Expo 2017: Part 3 of our recap

Dynamic Attractions is the partner for many award-winning Disney and Universal attractions.  While a lot of those rides use proprietary technology, they used that expertise to create an innovative line-up of attractions, such as the Flying Theater, Dynamic Motion Theater and Immersive Transporter.


We shot this photo of the Dynamic Motion Theater model at the 2016 IAAPA IAE show.

Dynamic Attractions Immersive Transporter Alien Attack Chimelong Paradise (1)

Exterior of Alien Attack, the first Immersive Transporter.  The attraction was built for Chimelong Paradise in Guangzhou, China.

Dynamic Attractions Immersive Transporter Alien Attack Chimelong Paradise (2)

Interior waiting line for Alien Attack.

Dynamic Attractions Press Conference (6)

Banners advertising the Motion Theater and Submarine Excursion.

Dynamic Attractions Kuka AAE 2016.JPG

In addition, Dynamic Attractions use KUKA robotic arm technology to power some dark ride attractions.  This photo was shot in Singapore at IAAPA Asian Attraction Expo 2016.

At IAAPA IAE 2017, Dynamic Attractions unveiled two new concepts:  The Dynamic Flightcycle and the Dynamic All-Terrain dark ride.  For the Dynamic Flightcycle, riders sit on motorcycle style seats and are fully immersed in the film shown on the massive movie in front of them.  Actors presented the Dragon Riders concept for this ride vehicle, and it was quite an exciting unveiling.

Dragon Riders Dynamic Attractions.jpg

Banner showing off the Dragon Riders concept.

The second concept was the Dynamic All-Terrain Dark Ride.  This innovative solution features trackless and independent all-terrain vehicles; the possibilities are endless as the cars can go up and down stairs, navigate steep grades and even drive on the side of a hill.  Guests can also be allowed a level of control where like on an airplane, Fly-By-Wire technology put invisible “barriers” to what the guests can do. If they try to go off the approved path, hit a wall, another ride vehicle or other scenarios, Fly-By-Wire keeps things safe.

Dynamic Attractions Press Conference (8)

Model for the All-Terrain Dark Ride.

One interesting thing seen on the stand was a mention for G.I. Joe, a very popular IP that would be the perfect use for the All-Terrain Dark Ride.

Dynamic Attractions Press Conference

An overview of the Dynamic Attractions stand.

Dynamic Attractions Guy Nelson GI Joe

Empire Industries (Dynamic Attractions parent company) CEO Guy Nelson with the G.I. Joe reference in the background.

Speaking of automated cars, Guy Nelson, CEO of Empire Industries (parent company of Dynamic Attractions) presented Hao Wang, the new president of Dynamic Attractions.  Mr. Hao Wang is from Canada, and he comes from the automobile world, where he helped design Super Cars and components for Formula One cars.  We interviewed him before the show, and he brings a different look at the industry.  He appreciates the liberty of designing rides versus cars where even with a clean sheet supercar design like the Macross, you need to follow many standards and regulations.  Whereas with rides, as long as it’s safe and accessible to guests, you can come up with anything.  He wishes to create experiences that guests can’t do outside of an amusement park.

Dynamic Attractions Hao Wang

Mr. Hao Wang.

Mr. Wang has fond memories of driving down Interstate 75 from Canada all the way down to Orlando with his kids.  His goals with Dynamic Attractions are to bring weight optimization to rides and optimize their design.  From his time at Multimatic, he brings immense experience with working with Chinese suppliers, and he will help Dynamic Attractions in that aspect.  We at Park Vault are looking forward to where he will bring Dynamic Attractions in the future since he is quite excited about the prospects of the industry.