Rebranding to the Incredibles for California Screamin’: Part thirteen of our Disney Groundbreakers Series.

Rebranding to the Incredibles for California Screamin’: Part thirteen of our Disney Groundbreakers Series.

In 2017, Disney announced that most of Paradise Pier was to be transformed into the new Pixar Pier for the summer of 2018. The carousel got new figures and a new name to Jessie’s Critter Carousel (2019) and the Sun Wheel, renamed to Mickey’s Fun Wheel in 2011, received a new name change and retheming to Pixar’s Pal-A-Round. Maliboomer was to finally get a replacement in the form of a rethemed Zamperla Balloon Race coming from the closed Flik’s Fun Fair across the park.  Now known as Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind, the ride reopened in 2019.

In addition to the vertical loop replacement at California Screamin’, the structure was repainted to restore the bright white structure and track.  One exception is the launch track, painted blue to blend in with the water it sits above.  The half tunnel on the tall and fast sections was fully enclosed and extended to allow short scenes, along with two new show buildings constructed at the attraction’s start and end.  A new marquee was erected, and the station expanded vertically to give a similar architecture to the movie.  Red chaser lights were installed all along the track and over the tunnels for a spectacular nighttime appearance.

The premise is that the city’s citizens have dedicated the roller coaster to the Incredibles and renamed it the Incredicoaster.  For the grand opening, Edna Mode tried to babysit Jack-Jack, but we saw both of them in the show scene as the ride started.  Jack-Jack disappears, and as we go around the ride, we see the rest of the family’s efforts to catch him.  The ride audio was updated to feature music from the movie composed by Michael Giacchino, with constant narrations from the character.

On the launch track, there is a new water chase effect on the train’s left to simulate Dash running on water.  In the first tunnel, we see Dash and Jack-Jack as fixed figures, with a trail of purple neons between them.   Elastigirl stretches along the ceiling in the lift hill to catch the baby while Mr. Incredible tries the cookie route.  In the third tunnel post loop, Violet tries a forcefield, but Jack-Jack sends flames projected around us. 

In the airtime hills sections, figures of Jack-Jack were placed on stilts next to it.  When the ride ends, in the curve leading to the station, the second show building shows an enormous Jack-Jack next to Edna Mode, offering him a cookie.