IAAPA Expo 2022 recap: part 3 of our look at the wonders of the show floor

IAAPA Expo 2022 recap: part 3 of our look at the wonders of the show floor

Cedar Fair held a second unveiling on Tuesday, when Great Coaster International Inc. (GCII) unveiled the lead car for Zambezi Zinger.  Zambezi Zinger, in its first iteration, was a beloved family Schwarzkopf Speed Racer with a spiraling electric lift, and inline seating.  The new Zambezi Zinger is the first Infinity Flyer roller coaster ride vehicle to open to the public, and it pays homage in the lead car, with a pattern recalling the original.  The Infinity Flyer train is two across and features individual seats with class 5 hydraulic restraints.  The ride course will start with a spiraling lift, using Titan Track (GCII new all steel track) and tire drives, followed by drops and dips on wooden track.  Titan Track will be used again for the curve around the lift hill, another callback to the original attraction.

Earlier at IAAPA Expo Europe in London, Alterface Projects talked about the Action League, an attraction where a tea-cup like motion base allows for a compact dark ride experience.  Using their award-winning interactivity, it is meant to go inside smaller venues and buildings while providing a complete experience.  In addition to that,  Alterface gameplay powers the interactivity of Volkanu: Quest for the Golden Idol at Lost Island Theme Park (Waterloo, IA.)

Volkanu: Quest for the Golden Idol is the award-winning dark ride that has won multiple awards in 2022.  It is the flagship attraction of the new theme park, and Sally Dark Rides designed and produced it.  Combining great sets, impressive special effects, pyrotechnics and Alterface Projects interactivity, it is a resounding success that won every award it was nominated. 

At the show, Sally announced that Funtown/Splashtown (Saco, ME) would open the Haunted Hotel in 2023. The new attraction is going inside a repurposed existing building at the amusement park. Funtown and Sally unveiled the witch who is not very happy that the Whispering Pines hotel opened where her lair once stood.

Proslide showed off some scale models for new products at their booth, and Andreas Tanzer, one of the company’s first employees, spoke about the company’s history during the Canadian Breakfast.  Some lesser known products such as the ProBOGGAN and the MAXTrack were shown during his presentation.  In early December 2022, Six Flags Fiesta Texas announced that they acquired a multiple slide package consisting of smaller versions of the Proslide signature attractions.

Skyline Attractions had a model of the Racing P’Sghetti Bowl Children’s Coaster on display at their booth.  In addition, they had a section of track with their Aurora LED lighting package.  It consists of multiple LED panels mounted on the flat portion of their steel track, and it can be used for theming, racing lights, or advertisement.

Six Flags announced a few weeks after the show that both Six Flags Fiesta Texas (San Antonio, TX) and Six Flags Over Georgia (Austell, GA) would each acquire a Racing P’Sghetti Children’s Coaster.  Those will be equipped with Aurora Lighting.  At Six Flags Fiesta Texas, they are replacing the bumper cars, and at Six Flags Over Georgia, they are going where the old Hopkins Shoot the Chutes attraction used to operate, near the park’s family areas.  The plan is to open them up for the 2023 season.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas provided us with the photos of their new for 2023 attractions.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not! along with their sister company Guinness World Records, had a booth on the show floor for the first time.  It showed some of the fantastic items and artifacts they have collected over the years, which can be shown at facilities around the world as part of traveling exhibits and other arrangements.  One great artifact is the robe that Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday Dear President” in that was displayed at the booth.  They also had a screen used Han Solo Blaster from Return of the Jedi. 

RMC and Hersheypark unveiled one of the lead cars for Wildcat’s Revenge, the transformation of the classic Wildcat twister wooden coaster. 

Simworx unveiled a new product at IAAPA Expo: the Pegasus Flying Theater.  This modular Flying Theater innovation uses individual straddle-type seating that is fully flexible: Simworx can put any number of seating units in a new or existing building.  It gives parks another option when it is time to repurpose an older facility. 

SBF-Visa had its usual massive booth in collaboration with Rides-4-U.  A new generation of the Spinning Coaster was on display, with more comfortable ride vehicles, and some other attractions were on display. 

Noble Rides will manufacture rides in China, using Jinma Rides fast-growing expertise and manufacturing knowledge.  Noble Rides partnered with Wisdom Rides to have a massive booth near the center of the show floor, showing a giant wheel ride vehicle and LSM Coaster car. Oasis at Lakeport, in Osage Beach, MO will receive both ride vehicles on display when it opens, in 2024, more than likely.

Vortex Technologies from Canada returned with the Dream Tunnel demo model, showing the attraction to a broader audience.

Chance Rides is supplying attractions for the new Mattel Adventure Park in Glendale, AZ.  They had the front cars for the Hot Wheels Boneshaker: The Ultimate Ride family roller coaster on display on the show floor.