Changes to Moteurs Action! : Part 21 of our Fire! Serie

Changes to Moteurs Action! : Part 21 of our Fire! Serie

During the Walt Disney Studios soft opening period, a serious accident occurred at Moteurs Action!  One of the stuntmen riding a jetski during the chase sequence was severely injured, and as a result, the stunt and that whole sequence was removed from the show in favor of a more straightforward run along the water. 

The final jump above the water was initially meant to be that: the car would go over the ramp and fly above the water.  During testing, they noticed that if the ramp did not deploy correctly or the vehicle had a mechanical problem, it could end up in the water.   In Paris, a massive ramp was constructed in the middle of the water channel since the jet skis are unused.

Herbie, The Love Bug, provided a fun interlude during the show from 2002-2011.  A brief montage from his movies was shown on the screen, then the 2005 version from Herbie: Fully Loaded rolled out on stage.  The announcer warns him not to enter the under-bleacher tunnel… and an accident happens.  Now split in two, Herbie barely rolls out of the tunnel and returns to the backstage area. 

In 2011, Herbie retired in favor of a short hide-and-seek sequence involving Lightning McQueen and a Lemon car from the Cars 2 movie.  This occurred between the first and second action portions, with Lightning McQueen hidden inside the ramp delivery truck.  He would roll out, and the chase was on, with Tow Mater (in French) guiding him.

There were a few variations on the show sequences over the years.  When the park opened, the motorcycle chase took place as the second act, when the crowd’s extras went on stage.  Shortly after that, the motorcycle chase was moved to the third act, as it was described in our first article. The third act added the motorcycles and some chasing around the red car before the big jump. Later, when Lightning McQueen was added to the show, the delivery truck jump was moved once again to the third act.  This helped tighten up the pacing and quickening the show, since the truck simply moved to the window for the finale.

The high dive from the bad guy on the rooftop was retired from the show.  Instead, he just gets shot and falls backward, out of view.   

The show ran until March 13th, 2020, with a new entrance path behind Tower of Terror.  The Backlot closed in September 2019 for its transformation into the Avengers Campus.  It never reopened with the cars, and the set was painted green for a planned Jungle Book show that was never presented to the public due to COVID.  The car garage was transformed into a meet-and-greet facility for superheroes.  The entrance sign was torn down and replaced with a concrete ramp that serves as the Quinjet landing pad. 

There were tentative plans for the set and bleachers to be replaced by an Avengers headliner attraction, but nothing was officially announced, and they sit empty behind the Avengers Campus sets.