Universal in Japan and Spain: Part 18 of our Fire! Serie

Universal in Japan and Spain: Part 18 of our Fire! Serie

Universal Studios Japan opened in 2001 as well and featured many attractions inspired by the ones at the American parks.  Backdraft, Water World, and Jaws all use fire and are still open today.  Universal was also running Port Aventura in Salou, Spain, and in 2001, they opened Templo Del Fuego. One small difference with Backdraft is in the second preshow room: it still uses fire, but has a different theme and set.

Water World is in it’s own small area at the park.

Templo Del Fuego was the park’s resident special effects and fire show and was a great success.  An arrogant explorer welcomed to an ancient Aztec temple in the Mexico area of the theme park.  His goal is to find an idol in the temple’s main chamber, where we head next. 

Guests stand on an elevated platform surrounding an ancient pool that looks calm and serene, with waterfalls and cool blue lighting.  The explorer appears on the other side of the pool, and he makes his way to the stone steps leading to the hidden idol chamber, hidden inside a carved mouth. 

Like in the Raiders of the Lost Ark, it is a trap!  The calm atmosphere turns to aggressive lights as the fire starts appearing in the water and stone vasks at the bottom of the stairs.  A water bomb explodes in front of the explorer, and he quickly escapes by the stone mouth, leaving us to deal with the growing fire.  After he escapes, fire bursts out of the stone mouth and explodes around the room. 

Brain fire like at Backdraft, where an intense fire burns on a ceiling appears near us, and the room’s true signification is apparent: a chamber of sacrifice.  Unfortunate souls, tied to spikes, come out of the water in front of us.  Large fire bursts conclude the experience as the floor under us drops ever so slightly, startling guests. Initially, the stone steps broke apart, but this effect has not worked in some time.