Six Flags Ohio becomes a World of Adventure before returning to its roots, Geauga Lake: Part 6 of our Floorless Coaster Series

Six Flags Ohio becomes a World of Adventure before returning to its roots, Geauga Lake: Part 6 of our Floorless Coaster Series

Batman Knight Flight was well received throughout its years at the park, which saw many changes.  First, Six Flags purchased SeaWorld Ohio, located across the lake, merging both parks into Six Flags World of Adventure in 2001.  Then, after the 2003 season, the park was sold to Cedar Fair, owner of Cedar Point, in early 2004

The transition did not go smoothly, as Cedar Fair did not retain any animals on the ex-SeaWorld side, known as the Wild Side.  It was shuttered, and most of it demolished before 2005.  Cedar Fair did not have the rights to DC Comics and the Looney Tunes, leading to a very quick renaming of rides and removal of IP references.  For example, Superman Ultimate Flight saw its sign, and Superman references removed in favor of Steel Venom, the name used on the Intamin Impulse Coaster at Valleyfair, another Cedar Fair property.  Looney Tunes Boomtown became Kidworks with the Road Runner Express called the Beaver Land Mine Ride. Hurricane Harbor waterpark turned into Hurricane Hannah’s Waterpark.  Mind Eraser, a Six Flags trademarked name used on the Boomerang, became Head Spin. 

Batman Knight Flight saw the most changes of the coasters, with the Bruce Wayne Foundation name removed, the Batman logo ripped off the seat foam, and a new name, Dominator.  Steel City was the name of its new setting. 

The park’s large size proved to be a curse in light of its attendance struggles, as the new Geauga Lake failed to make progress in its market, leading Cedar Fair to boost attendance with a new water park on the old Wild Side.  To that end,  the Hurricane Mountain slide tower moved there, adding a Tornado slide from Proslide along with a new wave pool, lazy river, and kiddie playground with a tipping bucket.  The project started in 2005, continued in 2006 with the Wave Pool, but a lack of subsequent investments in the new Wildwater Kingdom waterpark also doomed it. 

After the 2007 season concluded on September 16th, 2007, Cedar Fair announced on September 21st, 2007, that the Geauga Lake portion of the park was closed, never to reopen to the public.  X-Flight, the park’s Vekoma Flying Dutchman roller coaster, had already been shipped off to Kings Island (Mason, OH) after the 2006 season, so Cedar Fair was going to assert and analyze the rest of the park equipment and transfer them to other parks accordingly.  The Huss Top Spin moved to California’s Great America (Santa Clara, CA) as Firefall, the El Dorado flat ride, and Ferris wheel moved to Kings Dominion (Doswell, VA).  The Zamperla kiddie rides in the Kidworks/Boomtown area were moved to Cedar Point and redressed to fit in the Planet Snoopy area.   The historic Illions Grand Carousel was moved to Worlds of Fun (Kansas City, MO.)

The Vekoma Boomerang traveled south to Carowinds, reopened as the Carolina Cobra, later Flying Cobras.  At the same time, it received an upgrade package from Vekoma with a new MK-1212 train and updated lift hills. The Chance Yo-Yo swing ride also followed the Boomerang.  The big move was Dominator, moved for the 2008 season to Kings Dominion.  Placed on the part of the parking lot behind the kid area of the park, the park’s Looping Starship ride, Berserker, was right in front of the ride, so easy access from the park’s International Street. 

The ride retained its Dominator name with a new logo and steel-clad station building.  As the new site is flat, the footers had to be extended in some spots so the ride supports and track can match the new area.  The seat foam was changed to match the new ride colors and remove the remnants of the Batman logo.

The rest of the park equipment and rides were auctioned off,  with the Villain, Double Loop (Arrow Looping Coaster) sold to companies that parted them out.  The Zierer Large Tivoli was purchased by Papea Parc, a small amusement park in France, and moved there.  Schlitterbahn purchased the Hopkins Shoot the Chute, Eli Bridge Scrambler, and Chance Sea Dragon swinging ship ride.  The Big Dipper and Raging Wolf Bobs wooden coasters were later demolished and cleared off the site. 

As for Wildwater Kingdom, it remained open until 2016, when the park was closed.  The equipment was sold off, with the most significant piece being the Proslide Tornado sold to Camelback Resort in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.  Renamed the High Noon Typhoon, it was placed in the Camelbeach outdoor waterpark.