Adventure Cove at Resorts World Sentosa: Part 2 of the Water Park History

Adventure Cove at Resorts World Sentosa: Part 2 of the Water Park History

In our first case study, we take a look at how Genting, FORREC and Proslide were able to integrate a waterpark in a new resort in Singapore.

Sentosa Island is south of the island of Singapore.  It is part of the City-State and was originally used for protection as its location allowed the nascent British Colony to defend Keppel Harbor.  The original name was “Blakang Mati” and four forts constructed on the island, one of which still stands today, Fort Siloso.

In 1972, the Singapore Tourist Commission Board held a contest and the island renamed to Sentosa Island, with a signification in Malay of Peace and Tranquility.  That was quite an appropriate name as the focus was now on recreation and serving as a tourist area for both locals and foreigners visiting Singapore.  The Sentosa Development Corporation was formed in 1972 as well to oversee development of the Island that had now become a tourist attraction.

In 1974, the island was linked to Singapore using a Cable Car system starting from Mount Faber, soaring above Keppel Harbor and ends on Mount Imbiah on Sentosa.  Three stations were built:  Mount Faber, Harbourfront, and Imbiah.  A monorail system was constructed in 1982, and finally, a causeway provides a road link to the mainland built in 1992. The original monorail system was replaced in 2007 by the new Sentosa Express, a higher capacity Hitachi ALWEG style monorail.  It is much more comfortable, and the new layout has five stations, including one at the proposed Integrated resort location in Sentosa.

In 2006, Genting International and Star Cruises revealed that they had won the bid for the coveted Integrated resort at Sentosa.  Located near the mainland bridge, this spot had been selected in 2005 by the Singapore government to house one of the country’s two future casinos.

A 49 acres site was awarded to the new Resorts World Sentosa and the following accommodations and tourist facilities planned: a casino, a theme park, a dining and shopping complex, an aquarium, four hotels, a museum and our primary focus in this article, a water park.  A planned fifth hotel west of the complex was in included as well.


SEA Aquarium (3)

SEA Aquarium (5)SEA Aquarium (4)SEA Aquarium (2)

The 4 pictures above were shot inside the S.E.A. Aquarium, located on the way to Adventure Cove Waterpark.

The theme park became Universal Studios Singapore and opened in the first phase of the resort, in 2010.  In 2012, the Marine Life Park section opened west of Universal Studios Singapore and included the world’s largest aquarium, a water park and the Equarius Hotel.  The original working name for the waterpark was the “Equarius Water Park,” but the name changed to Adventure Cove Waterpark before opening.

Adventure Cove Entrance

The entrance area to Adventure Cove.

Entrance Plaza

Inside the park.

Adventure Cove Store

Reef’n Wave Wear is the park merchandise location.  It is also where guests who have pictures taken throughout the park and animal experiences can look at their photos and purchase them.

Equarius Hotel

Equarius Hotel, overlooking Adventure Cove Waterpark.

FORREC from Toronto, ON was selected to design the new waterpark and to integrate it with the nearby aquarium and hotel.  Proslide Technology from Ottawa, ON won the tender to construct the park’s six water slides, and two separate family areas included as well.  A large wave pool and lazy river completed the waterpark.

The Adventure River is one of the world longest lazy river at 2034 feet long (620 meters). A lap around take on average 23 minutes and is the main reason we feature Adventure Cove in this article:  the river goes through 14 different scenes which are quite varied.  A trip through a cave with waterfalls, ancient ruins, and even an underwater tunnel included.  It is one of the world’s greatest water park attraction and even the manta rays who call a basin nearby home join in the fun, splashing riders as they go close to their habitat.

Adventure River Access

Access to the Adventure River is by one of those set of staircases.

Adventure River Sign

Adventure River rules and regulations.

Adventure River (3).JPG

As you can see, the tubes for the Adventure River are currently sponsored by Wall’s, a popular brand of frozen novelties.

Adventure River 3

One of the bridge over the Adventure River.

Adventure River Cave 2

The River goes through this large themed cave, complete with bats hanging from the ceiling and many props.

Adventure River Cave 1

The Cave is the main way to go to the back of the park and you can see the amazing sculpted rockwork.

Adventure River

Water jets are a staple of lazy rivers around the world.

Adventure River Bridge

After going through a large aquarium, the river goes over one of the water channel by the way of this innovative clear bridge.

Adventure River Ray Bay

The rays enjoy splashing riders as they go near their habitat in the Adventure River.

Adventure River (2)

Another access point near the Rainbow Reef.

The cave received an additional experience in addition to a pass holder lounge after the park opened:  the Wet Maze.  It is two separate experiences on the same structure as the lower level is a fun, interactive maze through water sprays, water cannons, and other features.  More daring adventurers can put on a special harness and feel like a ninja as they try to navigate a rope course in the air.

Passholder Lounge.JPG

Riptide Lounge for annual passholders.


Wet Maze upper level.

BluWater Bay is the park’s wave pool, and it features a beautifully decorated scene at the end.  Various statues spray riders and make it quite appealing to the eyes.  Large waves and calm waters alternate to provide all kinds of experiences.

Bluwater Bay

BluWater Bay entrance.

Bluwater Bay 2

BluWater Bay has a small deck in front of the pool where guests can relax on long chairs.

Bluwater Bay (2)

Waves at BluWater Bay.

Rainbow Reef is a unique experience where riders get to put on life preservers, a diving mask, and a tuba.  They then look at beautiful fishes as they swim around the surface of a lagoon at their own pace.  Rainbow Reef and the Riptide Rocket are the park’s most popular attractions, and as such, they have their dedicated Express access.  Guests can buy Express passes valid for one-time access to each for an individual fee each day.

Rainbow Reef entrance

Rainbow Reef entrance.

Rainbow Reef (3)

Clear windows surround the reef, allowing visitors to look at the beautiful sealife inside.


The reef from above. The covered area is where guests enter and leave the Rainbow Reef.

The Big Bucket Treehouse is literally as the name says:  it is a play structure filled with slides, water features and a giant bucket that dumps a lot of water on guests.  In addition to the Treehouse, guests can enjoy the Splashworks, a water playground.

Big Bucket Treehouse (2)

Big Bucket Treehouse.

Big Bucket Treehouse

Big Bucket Treehouse area where the big splash happens.

Big Bucket Treehouse (3)

Behind the Treehouse.


A closer look at the Treehouse.





Six water slides currently compose the water park slide collection, and they launch off three separate towers in the back of the park.  Proslide was the supplier for those six attractions, and they all share the same green colors to blend in with the lush scenery.

The first tower guests will encounter when arriving from the cave are the “Washout.”  Whirlpool Washout is a CannonBOWL 30, and the Spiral Washout is a Tornado 24 that is unique in the world: it is the only one that uses inline two person TOPSYriver tubes instead of the round WhirlyWheel raft or four persons Cloverleaf Raft.  It does make a huge difference as the experience is completely different.

Spiral and Whirlpool Washout signs

The Washouts entrance signs.

Washouts 2

The start of both slides.

Washouts 3

The entrance to both signature elements: the Cannonbowl 30 and the Tornado 24.

Whirlpool Washout Adventure Cove

Whirlpool Washout Cannonbowl 30.

Whirlpool Washout Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa provided us with this great picture of Whirlpool Washout. Resorts World Sentosa

Spiral Washout Adventure Cove Tornado 24 (2)

Spiral Washout Tornado 24 element.

Washout Slides

Spiral Washout concludes with a Spiral after the Funnel.

The Tidal Twister and Pipeline Plunge launch tower is located behind the wave pool, and guests pick up tubes to the right of it.  Pipeline Plunge is a Pipeline tube slide filled with twists and turns in the forest, and Tidal Twister is a Proslide Hybrid attraction, the first in the area.  Guests encounter two Tornado 12 funnels along the way, and this makes the experience longer than they expect.

Tidal Twister Pipeline Plunge sign

Guests walk near the Riptide Rocket loading area and then go through a lush forest to the two attractions.

Topsy River Tube

One of the Proslide TopsyRIVER single tube used on the attraction.

Bluwater Bay Slides.jpg

Amazingly, three different slides are in this picture, can you spot them?

Tidal Twister Adventure Cove Tornado 18 (1)

One of Tidal Twister Tornado 12 funnel.

Tidal Twister Adventure Cove Tornado 18 (2)

The funnel from the other side.


Pipeline Plunge and Tidal Twister are so well integrated it is impossible to tell them apart.


The park signature slide colors help a lot too with hiding the attractions in the forest.


Proslide used a lot of “umbrella” style supports to minimize foundations in the ground.

The park signature attraction and a mat racer amazingly share the same tower for space efficiency purposes.  The Dueling Racer is a two lane ProRacer where guests go down two dips.

Dueling Racer entrance

Dueling Racer entrance.

Dueling Racer Statue

One of the statue holding the sign.  In the background, you can see the rafts used on this attraction.

Dueling Racer

Dueling Racer.

Riptide Rocket is the world’s first Hydromagnetic Hornet water coaster, and it was Southeast Asia for magnetically launched water attraction.  What makes the Hornet different from previous Proslide water coasters is that it use compact two person rafts that allow smaller turns and steeper drops than it was thought possible on that kind of ride.  Also, the ride is fully accessible for disabled guests thanks to loading on the ground.  Visitors then go up a conveyor belt lift hill, and once they reach the top of the Riptide Racer tower, they wave at a friendly life guard and then start their experience.

Riptide Rocket entrance.jpg

Riptide Rocket entrance sign.

Riptide Rocket lift hill

The lift hill.


The top of the lift hill, where it reach the Dueling Racer launch tower and the lifeguard check the attraction.

Riptide Rocket Station

The splashpool at the end and the loading station.  The small conveyor belt take rafts out of the water and make them stable for loading.

Zpro Hornet Raft

A closer look at one of the rare Hornet raft.

The ride is composed of 3 uphill segments where Force Engineering Linear Induction Motors shoot the rafts up like rockets, and then they go down steep drops and around sharp curves.  A Spiral that wraps itself the lift hill concludes the experience.  It is truly the signature attraction of the park, and you could even consider it the region’s top water park ride as well.

Hydromagnetic Launch

Two of Riptide Rocket launch areas.

Riptide Rocket

After the first big drop and launch, guests go around this large turn over a pool.

Riptide Rocket Raft going down a drop

A raft going down the last steep drop.

Riptide Rocket Drop

A sideview of the same drop.

Hydromagnetic Launch (2)

A raft getting shot up the third HydroMagnetic segment.

Riptide Rocket Spiral

The last spiral around the lift hill.

To conclude our look, guests can also pay an extra fee and do various animal experiences with rays, dolphins and even swim with sharks.   The Bay Restaurant is the park’s dining facility, and the food selection inspired by Japanese fusion cuisine.


An overhead view at Dolphin Island.

Ray Bay (2)

Ray Bay, where guests can swim and interact with various rays.

Shark Encounter

The entrance to Shark Encounter.

The Bay Restaurant

The Bay restaurant is on the left in this picture.

The Bay unique plates

Food is served on those unique plates at the Bay Restaurant.

The Bay menu 3

An example of the menu served, in this case the “Monster Bowl” where families can share a meal.