Around the Bowl in 30 seconds: Part 1 of our Bowl Slide Serie

In 1999, Proslide introduced the ProBOWL, one of the first ever slide that integrated a Bowl shaped element.  The first installation was at Golfland-Sunsplash (Roseville, CA) and features a 30 feet wide circular bowl.  A rider starts with a high speed run through an enclosed drop before coming out on the side of the bowl.  You then do a few rotations around the bowl and once you run out of speed, you drop down the middle in an 8-9 feet deep pool.  Due to the plunge at the end, those slides are reserved for good swimmers and need a lifeguard near the splash pool at all time.

ProBOWL Golfland_4106

The prototype ProBOWL at Golfland-Sunsplash was perfect since the park is very compact.  It is known there as the Vortex. Picture appears courtesy of

ProBOWL GolflandMesa (14)

The Mesa, AZ location of Golfland-Sunsplash added the “Cauldron” in 2008. Pictures appears courtesy of

Vortex Mont Cascades (2)

In 2000, Proslide opened the world’s second ProBOWL at their water park, Mont Cascades in Cantley, QC.

Vortex Mont Cascades (3)

That impressive water curtain is generated by the water swirling down from the Bowl.

Proracer Probowl Mont Cascades 2

Given the site requirement, a longer than usual run was included before the ProBOWL.

Currently marketed as the ProBOWL 30, those extreme body slides are among the most popular attractions at their park and starting with Wet n Wild in Orlando, FL, some parks install a dueling pair to improve capacity.  Proslide has recently started to offer them with the SkyBOX launch system, thus creating the most thrilling body bowl experience in the world.



Wet n Wild provided us with this great picture of The Storm. . It opened in 2001 and was the first major investment from the park new owner, Universal Studios.

Diablo Probowl 30

In 2003, Super Aqua Club renovated their park and installed this impressive 6 slides custom complex on a repurposed pair of towers.  On the right, you can see “Diablo-Le Tourbillion”, a Probowl 30 that start from the 40 feet or so level of the front tower. The name translates to Diablo- The Whirlpool.

Diablo Super Aqua Club (1)

The splash bowl of Diablo has sculpted cement walls that look like handlaid rocks.  This attention to details is representative to this incredible water park located in Pointe Calumet near Montreal, QC.


In 2016, Super Aqua Club modified the landing area of Diablo. As you can see in this picture compared to the previous one, the water level was lowered by a foot.  This in turns lowered operating costs since less water is required in the pool.


An overhead view of Diablo.


Piscilago (Melgar, Colombia) features the Piscitornado, a stand-alone ProBOWL 30.


It features a very steep and fast approach into ProBOWL 30.


The approach and the ProBOWL 30. Notice how integrated into the forest the slide is.  This is a trademark of Piscilago.


A close-up of the BOWL.


The other side of the BOWL.


For safety, Piscilago fences in the pool exits of all their attractions equipped with such.

In 2001, Proslide came up with the next evolution for the tube slide: the CannonBOWL.  The prototype installation was the Swahili Swirl located in the outdoor water park at Kalahari Wisconsin Dells resort. The CannonBOWL features a larger entry run that is custom designed to fit the terrain and needs of the customer.  After the initial run, the single or double raft enters the 40 feet wide bowl and goes around the bowl at least 2-3 times before smoothly sliding into the patented CorkScrew Exit.  The CorkScrew Exit was a brand new way to have rafts exit a bowl since it slows the tube down to a proper speed, orient it in a slower channel and then flush it out. This was an important evolution as it finally made the Bowl slide accessible to everyone and also doubled capacity.

To make sure the tube does not get stuck sideways against the wall of the exit, a water jet shoots out at tube level to push it out and then another jet comes out of the bottom.  So, if a tube slows down right at the wall, the jets push it out and then take it to the exit.  The exit can either use a standard pool, the ProSplash run-out or dump out into a Lazy River depending on the client needs.


In this picture of one of the “Giant” Cannonbowl 40 at Siam Park (Tenerife, Spain), you can see the CorkSCREW exit and various water jets around the bowl. This picture appears courtesy

The first CannonBOWL 40 (as it is now known) to exit into a river was the Barracuda Blaster at Canada’s Wonderland (Vaughan, ON). It opened in 2002 and was until 2015 the headlining attraction at the Splash Works water park.

Cannonbowl Canada Wonderland

In this picture shot in September 2013, the water park was closed, but you can still see that the Barracuda Blaster empties into the lazy river.

In 2004, Village Vacances Valcartier near Quebec City, QC introduced “La Cite des Donjons” (Dungeon City in English), an incredible and highly themed river attraction where guests travel underground through themed dungeons.  What make this even more  unique is that the river is mostly indoor and filled with animated figures and special effects, things not usually seen in a water park setting.  At the entrance in the wall, you can either go into the river or you can climb the tower where you can then face two slides:  Les Oubliettes (Oblivion), a Proslide Pipeline traditional tube slide or La Marmite (Cauldron), a highly themed CannonBOWL 40.  The exterior looks like it is covered in some kind of cheese/mold and misters fill the Bowl with an impressive wall of fog.  After exiting the Bowl, you return to the River and continue the impressive experience.

marmite2 Valcartier provided this great picture of La Marmite.  Notice the incredible theming around the Bowl.

2005 saw Six Flags Great America open Hurricane Harbor, their new water park.  It was at the time of opening an all Proslide water park for the slides and Six Flags decided to take a heads-on approach to the huge crowds with a huge wave pool, lazy river and a huge interactive playground.  Also included was a large slide tower with a pair of Turbo Tunnel (extreme enclosed body slides), two Atomic tube slides and what interests us here: a pair of CannonBOWL 40.  Those two slides along with the Atomic tube slides end in a shared pool, so that saves on staffing and running costs.  The CannonBOWL 40 has proven to be an extremely popular attraction and that is why Six Flags included two bowls.

Hurricane Harbor SFGAm

You can see the two CannonBOWL 40 on the right side of the tower.

Six Flags Great America Flex Cannonbowl 40

In this picture that Flex provided, you can see the pre 2011 expansion Six Flags Great America Hurricane Harbor waterpark.  The two CannonBOWL 40 are on the top right corner.

In addition to Six Flags Great America, Six Flags Fiesta Texas (San Antonio, TX) also installed a CannonBOWL 40 in their water park as part of a two slide custom complex.

Cannonbowl Six Flags Fiesta Texas Flex

You can see the Whirlpool CannonBOWL and the Big Bender Pipeline going under it. Picture appears courtesy of Flex.


The Giant at Siam Park (Tenerife, Canary Islands) is a pair of CannonBOWL 40 themed and built on a hill.

WikiWikiWai Kentucky Kingdom (2).JPG

In 2014, when Kentucky Kingdom opened, they included a CannonBOWL 40 as part of this slide complex.  This picture appears courtesy of Kentucky Kingdom


WikiWiki Wai is the name of the complex and the CannonBOWL 40 is called Waikiki Wipeout.  The other two slides are Calypso Run, a TORNADO 18/TORNADO 18/TORNADO 18 Hybrid and Kilawaya, a Pipeline tube slides featuring new EXPLOSION curves with variable tube diameter.  This picture appears courtesy of Kentucky Kingdom


The exit pool of WikiWiki Wai.  This picture appears courtesy of Kentucky Kingdom



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