The Famous List: What I want to do this summer, part 1

Yet another list?  Yes, one that will make happy.  The one that announces the great season and one that Park Vault (#PV) want to share with you.  This is written by a new writer and she invites you to send her your own list and comments here: cgareaulacombe(@)

Our Park Vault list has the following rules:

  • Discover new areas adapted to families.
  • New experiences where the first goal is to have fun.
  • New challenges through new products.
  • Mandatory visit of a new city near the planned activity.
  • Creating great memories by doing the activities together.

These are the results for 2017.

For 10-14 days in Europe (Landing in Paris at Charles de Gaulle airport, car rental or using the European Train Network)

Discover Project V, known as the Voletarium at Europa Park (Rust, Germany, 2017 new attraction created by Mack Media and Brogent Technologies)

Europa Park

A look at the entrance of Europa Park.  Voletarium will open in this area.

Experience The Monster, a large Bolliger & Mabillard Inverted Roller Coaster, that rules the sky at Walygator in France.

Monster Walygator Flex 5

Our friend Flex provided us with this picture of the Monster.

Don’t forget to have fun at Disneyland Paris and the Walt Disney Studios in Marne La Vallee.  Visit Parc Asterix near the airport north of Paris.  For family fun, discover the city of Love and Epernay for Champagne.


The Parisian area around the Ratatouille attraction at the Walt Disney Studios.


OzIris, a B&M Inverted Coaster at Parc Asterix.

If the trip allows it, add to our itinerary a visit of the beautiful Cathedral in Strasbourg in France when going to Europa Park.  A dream itinerary for coaster fans with additional cultural for the older travellers.

For 14 days and more in Asia (Land in Singapore with layovers in Hong Kong and Shanghai for a tour of China and central Java in Indonesia)

Attend the Asian Attraction Expo show presented by the IAAPA at the Singapore Marina Bay Sands convention center.  Manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world will present their new products and every park will look for the new wondrous things that will take them ahead.  (currently scheduled for June 14th to 16th for the trade show portion)  Park Vault is planning to attend this year for the first time to discover new products and find new information for future articles.

Visit of Universal Studios Singapore, located on Sentosa Island.  Don’t forget the River Safari, home of a pair of Pandas and explore the Marina Bay Sands unique resort.  The city-state hidden gem are the Gardens by the Bay, a wonder for all senses.


Battlestar Galactica, a dueling roller Coaster from Vekoma at Universal Studios Singapore.



The River Safari feature a pair of Giant Pandas.


One of the greenhouse you can visit at the Gardens by the Bay.

Experience the unique layout of Yamaha Racing Coaster, a Premier Rides launched coaster with the fastest launch on a coaster in the region.  This signature attraction is located at Trans Studio in Bandung, Indonesia.


Premier Rides was gracious enough to provide us with this picture of Yamaha Racing Coaster.  Premier Rides

If the layover in Hong Kong is long enough, visit Hong Kong Disneyland.  You can also enjoy a short visa free stay in Shanghai if you transit through there and this will allow you to go to Shanghai Disneyland, located near Pudong International Airport.


Space Mountain at Hong Kong Disneyland.

All the cities mentioned above are near charming cities with different experiences and unforgettable memories.

For a short 5 day trip on this side of the Atlantic (arrive in St-Louis, Missouri and rent a car)

For fun, a day at Six Flags St-Louis to experience Batman: The Ride.  This thrilling adrenaline ride was built in 1995 by Bolliger & Mabillard and don’t forget to experience the new for 2017 Spinsanity.

Batman The Ride Six Flags St Louis Flex 2.jpg

Our friend Flex provided with this picture of Batman: The Ride at Six Flags St-Louis.

Three hours away from Six Flags, we stop at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City to add another Inverted Coaster to our list, Patriot.

Patriot Worlds of Fun Flex 2

Patriot at Worlds of Fun, courtesy again of Flex.

Between the amusement park visits, it is easy to add cultural activities that fulfill everyone’s needs.  Check with the local tourist centers for hidden treasures in the State.

The second part of the #PV List will be published this weekend.

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