More myths and legends at Islands of Adventure: Part 15 of our Fire! Serie

More myths and legends at Islands of Adventure: Part 15 of our Fire! Serie

For the Eighth Voyage of Sindbad, a mischievous water fountain interacts and speaks with guests when they approach the entrance of the show.  The stage is inside a cavern full of treasures and shipwrecks, with a lot of show action equipment, pyrotechnics, and advanced stunts.  The premise is this: a voice gets our attention by blowing a loud concussion charge on stage.  He explains that we are in the cavern of lost souls, the lair of the evil sorceress Miseria and, home of her most prized possession, the Sultan’s Heart.  It is a priced ruby that provides endless power to its wielder. 

Sindbad entrance and talking fountain.

Kebab runs in on the stage, chased by a cloaked character.  The cloaked figure tries to get to Kebab, but he is tricked and kicked into a pit.  He then runs off as Sindbad swings in on a zipline above us, while his accomplice, Kebab, comes in on a boat.  The first significant stunt happens when Kebab is pulled off his boat after taunting Miseria, disappearing into the scenery.  The show’s guest main feature that sometimes grated on guests started: the often bad jokes that refer to real-life events and celebrities. 

Kebab returns on the stage on the upper level and slides down to the bottom.  After looking at the treasures and demonstrating the teleporting pits (done by having a crew member with similar clothing interact in the other hole), Princess Amora appears.  A ring of flames traps her and, when Sindbad wants to free her, she mentions that only the Sultan’s Heart can free her.  After Kebab epic swing above the water onto a shipwreck doesn’t work, Sindbad tries to climb to the upper level on the left side.  It is quite spectacular, with collapsing rocks, trapped stalactites, and skeletons.  Once he makes it to the top, he grabs the Sultan’s Heart, which disappears off his hands in a flash of sparks.   

Amora surrounded by fire

Amora then disappears in a large flash of fire, replaced by Miseria.  Miseria has possession of the Sultan’s Heart, and she uses it to shoot blasts at our heroes.  Amora reappears in the crowd, where Sindbad and Kebab save her.  As an answer to taunts, Miseria invokes minions to take on our heroes: a drowned skeleton for Kebab, an animated ship Figurehead for Amora, and a fire demon for Sindbad. 

The show continues with more fighting, with fire used for the Fire Demon burning entrance (two fire charges) and the Demon causing an urn to explode (natural gas fire). 

The heroes send off the Figurehead and Fire Demon by kicking them off the shipwreck and into the water.  The Drowned Skeleton has seen enough after and jumps off on his own into the water.  Kebab manages to steal the staff wielding the Sultan’s Heart and uses the teleporting pits to send it to Sindbad.  At that point, the stuntwoman playing Miseria switches off with a new stuntman or stuntwoman taking her place.  Sindbad lights up the bottom of the waterfall on fire with the staff, which is a spectacular effect that has the fire rising to the top using the twin waterfalls.  One last fireball at the top causes the new Miseria to catch fire, leading to a dramatic high dive into the water.  It causes many fireworks to explode from the scenery and ceiling.  The show concludes with Sindbad exploding one last round of beautiful fireworks and leaving on his boat with Amora.

The show ran from the park opening until September 15th, 2018, when it closed with no announced replacement.