Kidz and Hybrids: Part 3 of our Bowl Serie

In 2011, Proslide introduced the brand new “BowlingALLEY” at Wild Wadi waterpark in Dubai.  It was part of a larger complex and featured two Behemoth Bowl 40, which were a new innovation.  The Behemoth Bowl 40 is a smaller version that gives more flexibility to designers while keeping the high capacity of the 60 feet wide version.  The BowlingALLEY had two 40 feet wide BehemothBOWL along its path and interestingly, the park decided to use traditional 4-5 passengers round family rafts instead of the familiar Cloverleaf raft.

Wild Wadi Behemoth Bowl 40

Flex provided this great picture of the Burj Surj at Wild Wadi.

Wild Wadi Behemoth Bowl 40 Flex

Given the attraction unique layout, a custom system of conveyor is used to take both type of rafts back to the launch platform. Burj Surj was built along with a Hybrid Tornado 24/Tornado 24/Tornado 24 slide called the Tantrum Alley. This picture is also from Flex.

Later, the BowlingALLEY name was abandoned in favor of integrating the attraction in the “Hybrid” line. Hybrids are slides that integrate 2 or more headlining features such as a Bowl, a launch or a Tornado funnel.  So, the BowlingALLEY became the “BehemothBOWL 40/BehemothBOWL 40” Hybrid ride and the BehemothBOWL 40 a staple element in the Hybrid line.  The second Hybrid BehemothBOWL 40/BehemothBOWL 40 at Piscilago in Melgar, Colombia use the CloverLEAF rafts and the slide painted in yellow and blue.  Those are the corporate colors of Colsubsidio, the owner of the water park and it is the largest in Colombia and is an all Proslide water park.


An overview of Piscihuracanes at Piscilago.  It opened in 2013 and the Hybrid with the two BehemothBOWL 40 is on the left.  Capacity is extremely high as they use a raft conveyor and many rafts for both slides.


A close-up of the two BehemothBOWL 40.  As you can see, the slide was custom designed on short supports as it lays on the side of a hill.


A close-up of the BehemothBOWL 40.

When Hurricane Harbor opened at Six Flags Over Georgia (Austell, GA) in 2014, a CannonBOWL 30 was selected as one of the three slides on the Bonzai Pipelines complex.  For Tsunami Surge, which is the headlining slide at the park, a brand new Hybrid was selected: BehemothBOWL 40/TornadoWALL.  A 54 feet tall tower is the starting point of this journey that use the CloverLEAF rafts.  It enters the BehemothBOWL and usually completes a single revolution before entering the CorkScrew exit.  The raft then goes down a steep grade at 24 miles per hour and straight into the 45 feet tall TornadoWAVE wall and concludes with a few enclosed turns before it splashes down in the pool.  This attraction was exactly what Six Flags was looking for:   a thrill ride with a broad demographic appeal with exceptional capacity.


Six Flags Over Georgia ( and Proslide ( provided this great overhead shot of Tsunami Surge.


Six Flags Over Georgia also released this great side view of the attraction where you can see the steep 100% grade transition from the BehemothBOWL 40 to the TornadoWALL.

The most recent BOWL evolution is the brand new KIDZ Bowl 14 which opened at Wet n Wild Sydney in 2014 and was more recently integrated in 2015 on a RideHOUSE.  That RideHOUSE went in to the brand new Kalahari Resorts indoor waterpark in the Poconos mountains of Pennsylvania.

KIDZ-Bowl_Kalahari-Poconos (10)

The KIDZ Bowl 14 can be seen here as part of the Splashdown Safari RideHOUSE. This picture appears courtesy of

KIDZ-Bowl_Kalahari-Poconos (15)

As you can see, after going down the small flume, the kid will arrive in the bowl and go around part of it. Given the low water level in the Bowl, it is a perfect attraction and like the KIDZ Tornado line, give younger guests a scaled down experience similar to what their parents and older siblings ride. Proslide provided us with this picture.

A KIDZ Bowl 14 is opening in 2016 at Quassy Amusement Park (Middlebury, CT) and it will be the first standalone installation in North America.  It is a part of the Slide City expansion and installation is underway as of January 2016.

Quassy Slide City 2016

Ron Gustafson and Quassy Amusement Park had previously provided us with this concept art of Slide City.  The KIDZ Bowl 14 is in the middle.

KIDZ Bowl 14 Quassy

Ron Gustafson recently provided us with this picture of the installation of the KIDZ Bowl 14.  The Bowl portion is already in place and you can see the footers already poured and waiting for the following slide pieces.  Again, this is a brilliant move as guests unable to ride BulletBowl at the park will also be able to ride a Bowl experience and be able to brag they rode “like their parents”.


Ron Gustafson from Quassy provided us with this great picture of the completed Slide City complex.  You can see the pink and yellow KIDZ Bowl 14 in the middle.


A child coming into the KIDZ Bowl 14.  This picture also appear courtesy of Ron Gustafson at


As you can see, the KIDZ Bowl 14 feature shallow water that is appropriate for any level of swimming in its young riders. This picture appears courtesy of Ron Gustafson at

Kidz Bowl Quassy (2)

We visited Quassy in June 2017 and were able to take a look at the amazing Slide City expansion.  You can see here two slides that parents can enjoy with their kids and in the background, the KIDZ Bowl 14.

Kidz Bowl Quassy (1)

A close-up of the KIDZ Bowl 14.  Notice the smaller scale whirlpool action and how part of the bowl is open so that parents can reach in and pick up their children after the slide experience.


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